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Why We Run Wednesday: AJ

Until I started running, I never even thought of myself as athlete: I couldn’t coordinate my hand with a moving object enough to serve a volleyball, changing directions suddenly on a basketball  court while also remembering to dribble the ball made me nervous, and I was too indecisive to decide whether or not to swing a softball bat at a pitch. But if you wanted someone to run hard and follow a white line until you told me to stop—I was your girl!

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Why We Run Wednesday: Brittany

When I was 19 I ran my first marathon because my mom ran marathons and I wanted to prove it wasn't that hard... it was that hard! I gained so much respect for her during that process and quickly learned that the marathon is as much a mental challenge as it is a physical challenge. I vowed after that race that I would never run another marathon. I used to hate running because I just saw it as punishment. When I graduated college I decided that I needed an activity so I reluctantly joined my mom’s run club. At the time it seemed like just something to do but it has evolved into something much more. Training with my teammates at run club is what I look forward to and is the best part of my day.

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Why We Run Wednesday: Summer

Why do you run?

I been asked this so many times and still don't have a concise answer.

I began running away from my grief.  My older brother died in October of 2011.  At the time, I was overweight and sedentary.  My brother was my best friend and fierce encourager.  After the initial loss I felt compelled to do something, anything with my pain and frustration. 

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Why We Run Wednesday: Lyell

For many, the thought of simply completing a marathon is daunting. However, for our club's own Wonder Woman, Lyell, one marathon wasn't enough. In fact, 99 marathons weren't enough, so last month she traveled to San Francisco to complete her 100th marathon. So far she has raced in 13 different countries and 14 states. And let me tell you - this awesome lady is far from finished with her running adventure.

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Why We Run Wednesday: Rachel

I didn’t come to running the way you would expect.  I grew up in a very rural part of Vermont, and to burn off my excess energy my mom put me on Nordic skis pretty much as soon as I could walk.  I never ran track or cross country.  In high school I watched my only friend on the cross country team throw up after every practice, and I could not imagine why anyone would want to run three miles all at once.  I liked team sports, but became too outsized to continue playing on the varsity field hockey team when my collarbone was badly broken during a game.  Without high school sports, I dumped my energy into snowboarding and spent every free minute at ski areas and reading snowboard magazines.   

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