Whether you’re looking for an all inclusive membership or an emailed individualized running and strength training plan, we’ve got a membership option that fits your needs. Cascade Run Club prides itself on equipping runners of all ability levels with the tools they need to reach their goals.

Full Membership

$400/season* for Full Marathon Goal Race Distance

$300/season* for Half Marathon Goal Race Distance

*2 seasons/year

MOST POPULAR! - Become a full member of Cascade Run Club and you will have access to all the tools needed to help you reach your goals. Our full membership package includes:

  • Customized training plan to fit your schedule, current fitness level, and running goals

  • Two hosted workouts per week

  • Weekly hosted recovery runs to choose from

  • Weekly strength training sessions by our Partners at Experience Momentum

  • Group weekend long runs

  • A knowledgeable and dedicated coach present at practice to answer any questions and adjust your training plan as needed

Online Coaching

$300/season* for Full Marathon Goal Race Distance

$250/season* for Half Marathon Goal Race Distance

*2 seasons/year

We are introducing online coaching for individuals who have a busy weekday schedule but still want the support and accountability of training with a group. This membership includes:

  • Individualized running and strength training plans provided via email

  • Invite to group weekend long runs

  • Weekly communication with a coach via email and phone in order to answer any questions about the training plan or to make adjustments as necessary

Private Coaching

Starting at $60/week

Private coaching plans will be customized and tailored to fit the specific needs of the individual. This membership option includes:

  • Face to face consultation with one of the Cascade Run Club coaches to build the perfect training plan for you

  • Includes off season training for high school students

What Our Training Programs Looks Like

We have well experienced coaches and customized, individualized training plans to help make you faster and keep you healthy. Whether you’re new to running, a seasoned veteran, have no idea what a run club is, or are a member of several run clubs, we’re here to guide you through the process of reaching your goals.  Depending on your experience, here is what you can expect from our training plans

Beginner Runners

Experience: None to very little

Desire: Start running or to begin running again

What to anticipate: An experienced and dedicated coach will work with a walking group and a run/walk group to provide athletes of all skill levels the support they need to reach their goals. You will learn the fundamentals of running, proper form and technique along with proper training to make sure you stay healthy and injury free.

Moderate & Advanced Runners

Experience: Running is part of your daily life

Desire: Increase race performance

What to anticipate: Cascade Run Club uses a “Recovery Based” training plan to increase race performance while minimizing the risk of injury.  The goal is to keep you healthy and make sure you perform your best when it counts on race day.  This is accomplished through Periodization Training where you go through different phases of training throughout the season allowing your body to adapt creating a peak at the end.  Nutrition plays a key role in peaking so that will be covered extensively throughout the season.

Sample Week

Below is an example of what a typical week looks like for those training under the full membership with Cascade Run Club. Contact us to learn more about our training plans.

Weekly Email

An email (sampled below) detailing announcements, reminders, the weekly workout plan, tips of the week from coaches, practices times/locations, and race discounts is sent out weekly for those with the full membership. 

Sample Week

Weekly Training Plan

The weekly workout will be sent out to the entire team, but can be customized to you for your particular training plan and goal. 

Sample Training Plan