I lost 75 pounds in the gym and found a love for all things fitness. During my weight loss journey however I never felt like I "could" run. I wanted to but it hurt, it felt hard, it SUCKED. One day, I stopped in Run26 in an attempt to find a way to make running a little less of a challenge. Through new shoes and a conversation with Shelby I was convinced maybe I could run and enjoy it by joining a group of like-minded people who wanted to love running. 

Cascade Run Club was born. We're not those crazy "runners" who eat, live and breathe running. We are real, hard-working, career-minded, busy-parent, chaos-life, everyday people who want to learn to run for fun. I promise you, this is not an intimidating group. You are one of us, already. We got to know one another at weekly practices and Saturday runs. We talked as we ran, shared our learnings, asked our coaches for advice and developed friendships.

With the supportive coaching of CRC, I ran my first half marathon in 2014 and my first full marathon in 2017. Not only did I accomplish it but my CRC coaches and friends were at the finish lines cheering me on! I've continued my weight loss journey and am down a total of 90 pounds. Now however, my journey isn't measured by what the scale says. It is measured by how I feel. Because of CRC, I love to run!!!

Half Marathon PR: 2:40:42

Marathon PR: 5:51:32

Training Pace: 11:00

Favorite Shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider

Favorite Race Distance: 10k

Favorite Race Experience: On my 34th birthday, running my first marathon, crossing the finish line on Hayward Field with my friends and family cheering me on!!

Favorite CRC Memory: At a St. Edwards hill workout, both Rick and I got hurt (ankle and a calf). One of the coaches at the time ran to the nearest gas station. She had to leave her drivers license with the cashier to borrow a garbage can which she filled with ice. She returned and made Rick and I each stick our leg in that ice, together. We stood there after practice laughing over the ridiculousness of standing in a garbage can together. Nowhere I'd rather be than with mi familia when dealing with an injury! This club makes me laugh even when it hurts.