Not Your Normal Run Club


1.     We Are Inclusive of Everyone

Cascade Run Club prides itself on equipping runners of all ability levels with the tools they need to reach their goals. Whether you’re new to running, a seasoned veteran, have no idea what a run club is, or are a member of several run clubs, we’re here to guide you through the process of reaching your goals.

2.     We Are Community Driven

We approach running a little differently. We see running as not only a way to build fitness, but a way to build a community. We are here to warm up after a winter long run with a cup of coffee and to celebrate post-race with a good beer. The supportive coaching staff, team social events, and friendships formed between members will make your training experience just as memorable as that finish line feeling.

3.     We Are Goal Oriented

Whether you're training for a 5k, marathon, or anything in between, you’ll find what you need to achieve your goals. We pick focus races and work through 5 week x 6 cycle training plans to help you achieve your goal. Already part of a run club? That’s great! Come join us just for a season to help you achieve a specific goal.

4.     We Are Here to Educate and Develop

We have well experienced coaches and customized, individualized training plans to help make you faster and keep you healthy.  While our coaches have performed at the highest levels within our sport, when it comes down to it, they’re runners just like us. You can count on coaches who share your passion for the sport and understand what it's like to have running be not just a part of your life, but also a part of your personal identity


If you are interested in learning more about Cascade Run Club, please contact us! 

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We Are Cascade Run Club

Season Theme

Focus on the process

Our 2018 season is dedicated to focusing on the process. While it’s easy to set a goal for six months down the road, it’s often challenging to focus on the training at hand that will ultimately help you achieve that goal. This season we’re going to set a goal, then set that goal aside. While this might sound a little crazy, we’re going to teach you how to focus on the training at hand. What you want to achieve in six months shouldn’t impact what you are doing today.

The two key areas that will help us to focus on the process include:

Learning to listen to your body

While it’s important to be consistent, it’s just as important that you listen to your body. Do what you can today. Sometimes that’s pulling back on the pace so that your body can heal and recover while other days that’s challenging yourself so you can become stronger and faster. Our coaches will be with you every step of the way to help you find this balance.


Doing a workout or long run once a month won’t help you achieve your goal. Consistency in practice is essential. This means that you are showing up to practice on both your good days and your bad days.


By focusing on the process, we believe you will achieve your goal! We hope you’ll take the leap and join us this season. Let us help you focus on the process.