Michael Magnussen

I was very fortunate to have discovered the Cascade Run Club. Yon is a great coach, mentor and friend.  He is not only an accomplished runner, but is passionate about the sport and strives to help every club member reach their potential in a supportive and encouraging manner. In the two years since I joined the CRC, I have discovered not only better marathon times, but have also learned a considerable amount about proper training, nutrition and running technique. This has helped me to run injury-free, even at the age of 47. And the camaraderie and support within the group from the coaches and other members is inspiring and makes running enjoyable.

Ruthie Smith

Cascade Run Club is more than a club; it is a family that happens to like to run.  My husband and I joined the club for a number of reasons.  We wanted the accountability, exercise, and we wanted to meet people who have the same love for running as we do.  CRC has given us that and so much more!  We actually look forward to running now because we get to exercise while being with our friends.   On our down weeks we still manage to find ways to hang because we miss the team!  We have amazing trainers who get to know each of us and make the training fun and educational.  We get nutritional advice, yoga nights, speed and strength training all in one program and did I mention PR's?  It happens a lot in this club.  The best part about the club is the support we have for each other.   Becoming a member of Cascade Run Club has made such a positive impact on our lives and has brought us lifelong friends.  My favorite phrase from this last season is that "we are a social club with a running problem."



I lost 75 pounds in the gym and found a love for all things fitness.   During my weight loss journey however I never felt like I "could" run.  I wanted to but it hurt, it felt hard, it SUCKED.  One day, I stopped in Run26 in an attempt to find a way to make running a little less of a challenge.  Through new shoes and a conversation with Shelby I was convinced maybe I could run and enjoy it by joining a group of like-minded people who wanted to love running.  Cascade Run Club was born. We're not those crazy "runners" who eat, live and breathe running.  We are real, hard-working, career-minded, busy-parent, chaos-life, everyday people who want to learn to run for fun. I promise you, this is not an intimidating group.  You are one of us, already. We got to know one another at weekly practices and Saturday runs.   We talked as we ran, shared our learnings, asked our coaches for advice and developed friendships. With the supportive coaching of CRC, I ran my first half marathon in October.  Not only did I accomplish it but my coach and friend, Ginny ran along side me and my CRC friends were at the finish line cheering me on! I've continued my weight loss journey and am down a total of 90 pounds.  Now however, my journey isn't measured by what the scale says.  It is measured by how I feel.  Because of CRC I am not a "runner" but I love to run!!

Celeste, age 50, running 2 years


As a new runner coming off an injury (brought on by numerous, conflicting directives and my own stubborn head down approach to getting things done no matter what) I’d been pretty much begging to be coached by Shelby and Yon for a year – that wait did NOT disappoint! The (Cascade Run Club) training plan works! Manageable practice schedules, rigorous training drills, lasting friendships built, along with mileage, in pursuit of my goal: a healthy, injury free, running lifestyle – of course a distance (13.1miles) PR of 3 minutes on a brutal course in below freezing conditions wasn’t a bad perk either :)