Membership Options

Full Membership

Become a full member of Cascade Run Club and you will have access to all the tools needed to help you reach your goals. Our full membership package includes weekly individualized running and strength training plans, weekly hosted workouts, recovery runs, strength training sessions, and group weekend long runs. There will also be a knowledgeable and dedicated coach present at every practice to answer any questions and adjust the training plan as needed.

Online Coaching

We are introducing online coaching for individuals who have a busy weekday schedule but still want the support and accountability of training with a group. This membership option will includes weekly individualized running and strength training plans provided via email. Members will also be invited to join the weekend group long run that best matches their location. Members will have weekly communication with a coach via email and phone in order to answer any questions about the training plan or to make adjustments as necessary.

Private Coaching

Private coaching plans will be customized and tailored to fit the specific needs of the individual. We will build the perfect training plan for you during a face to face consultation with one of the Cascade Run Club coaches.