What makes us different?

Cascade Run Club prides itself on equipping runners of all ability levels with the tools they need to reach their goals. We have top notch coaches and excellent training plans to help make you faster and keep you healthy. But we also approach running a little differently.  We see running as more than a way to build fitness - we see it as a way to build a community. 

Enjoy the Journey

What makes Cascade Run Club so special are the unique reasons why each of our members decided to become a runner and what continues to motivate them. This season our theme is "Enjoy the Journey." As exhilarating as it can be to cross the finish line and beat your goal time, finish your longest race, or qualify for your dream race, this is just a brief moment in a much bigger picture.

This glorious moment was preceded by countless workouts, hours of preparation, and hundreds of training run miles. The easiest way to become a better runner is to have consistent training. We want to be here to create a supportive environment to help you through the tough workouts, the moments of self-doubt, and the days where it seems impossible to find the motivation to put your shoes on and get out the door. 

Cascade Run Club will provide you a level of accountability but more importantly a close circle of friends who want to see you reach your goals as much as you do. The supportive coaching staff, team social events, and friendships formed between members will make your training experience just as memorable as that finish line feeling. Come join us this season and let us help you Enjoy the Journey.